have a little love and understanding

can i get a witness

i grew up with grumpy, moody people.
i am drawn to those types in my grown up life.
i always have lots of them around.
i don’t always like it.
but we fit.
i understand the conversation, or lack of one.

my mom popped alot of pills when i was a kid, because of her illnesses.
not a street drug addict,
but somethin’… just sayin’.
i am drawn to addicts and alcoholics.
(these days i prefer the sober ones)
i’m at home when they keep me a little off-balance.
(sober ones too.)
i know the dance.
i try to get them to mother me, by mothering them.
it’s what i know to do.
and i’m good at it.
we fit.

i was fat when i was a kid.
i get vigilantly concerned when any of my off-spring, rounds out a bit.
scared that they might be me.
i imagine, what…

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